Leveraging blockchain technology to create digital assets and the capacity to create new business models for the new s-Curve business.

IoT transformation

In an economic era where every business is focused on results, IoT is not just technology but it's a new opportunity for leaders. It's a mechanism to transform business to a new competitive advantage.

AI transformation

Artificial Intelligence technology is ready to transform in every industry. In the past, there have been a lot of businesses that have taken wrong strategies in the era of the growing Internet. Avoiding those mistakes in today's growing AI by understanding the principles of AI transformation.

MARKETING transformation

The process of using digital technology and information to transform marketing processes or activities, and to support the organization's business transformation plan in terms of having new efficiency, building customer experience and new business model.


Digital Transformation

We enables clients to reach for and achieve their unique visions of digital transformation by adding value at the intersection of people, process, data & technology, encompassing solution focusing partnership, collaboration and co-creation.

Digital Planning & Strategy

Our expert digital consulting team can help you break free from the end-of-life applications and implement a digital-first solution to transform your business in powerful ways.

Organization Transformation

Project integration and alignment of people, processes, structures, and culture.

We helps organisations understand people and their behaviours, in order to design purpose-driven products, services, and cultures. Creating lovable experiences and sustainable change.

Business Reform and Restructure

Streamline your processes, improve your access to information, and eliminate process waste.

Platform Development

Build what matters. Flashy tech is only cool if it actually drives business results. Here, we build more than just websites, apps and software – we build your bottom line.

Training and Implementation

As your business transforming, we help you identify and break down the barriers that keep you from realizing your true potential.

We like to help our customers to integrate modern applications associated with the convergence of various technologies like AI and IoT (AIoT) with data analytics and emerging 5G networks, the development of blockchain-based applications, enabling an open ecosystem for networking, edge and industrial infrastructure solutions.




Together we’ll identify and remove the blocks that are holding you back — both personally and with the growth of your company

· Developing Digital Trigger

· Cultivate Digital Culture

· Develop Digital Vision

· Determine Digital Drivers

· Establish Digital Organization

· Determine Transformed Areas

· Determine Impacts

Start from small steps like running a marathon. Appreciate the success from making each step happen. We will guide and "hold your hand" through every step.

We provide strategy and transformation consulting services supporting senior business stakeholders, such as CEOs, COOs, chief marketing officers (CMOs) and other business leaders. We particularly help you in efforts to leverage digital technologies that enable the innovation of their entire business or elements of your business and operating models.


We are experienced over 20 years in digital strategy & transformation, organisation transformation, HR training and development, general management, leadership and communication strategy